Message from President Hideo Ohno - May 20, 2022

Dear students, faculty and staff,

From May 23, Tohoku University's BCP - our Emergency Action Plan for COVID-19 - will be lowered to Level 1.

We have lived under the shadow of COVID-19 for two and a half years, and the government is now considering ways to balance socioeconomic activities with infection control.

At Tohoku University, we intend to further work on adjusting the balance between the conducting of research and education, and the implementing of measures to prevent the spread of infection. We are also exploring ways to enhance and develop our activities in the "new normal" environment.

BCP Level 1 will see life on campus look a little more familiar as we return to in-person classes and more in-person events.

However, the pandemic is not over and the spread of COVID-19 continues. So as long as the situation remains unpredictable, I urge everyone to continue adhering to basic infection prevention measures, such as wearing an appropriate mask, ensuring that rooms are properly ventilated, refraining from gathering in large numbers, washing your hands, and keeping an eye on your general health.

And you should still be extra careful during meals and at dining events where there is temptation to talk or have discussions without a mask on.

In addition to carrying out measures to protect yourselves, please behave responsibly at all times to help prevent the spread of infection to others.

Hideo Ohno
President, Tohoku University


General Affairs Division General Affairs and Planning Department
Tel: 022-217-4807

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